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PSOProxy is written by Adrian O'Grady and James Sutherland. If you want to get in touch with us about the program, you can either use our forums, or you can send an email to pso@comma8comma1.co.uk.


PSOProxy is a program that lets you transfer your Phantasy Star Online snapshot files from your Gamecube to your PC as PNG picture files.

The latest version of PSOProxy is version 0.91. You can download the application and the source code from the SourceForge files page, or you can just download the latest version for Windows, Mac or Linux from the links at the left hand side of this page.

For help setting up PSOProxy, please read the setup guide in the docs folder contained in the download. You can also read the guide online here. If you're having trouble getting PSOProxy to work, and you've read the setup guide, then please post on our forum and we'll do our best to help. We try to keep an eye on other PSO forums, but it would really help us out if you could ask PSOProxy-related questions on our own forum.

Latest News
07 June 2003

With big thanks to Phillip Reed, we now have a MacOS version of PSOProxy! And very nice it looks too:

MacOS screenshot 1 MacOS screenshot 2

As usual, you use this program at your own risk, and since neither James nor Adrian have Macs, we've not been able to test this release as we would with the Windows or Linux ones. That said, hopefully it should work fine, and if not post to the forum we'll try our best to help out (though, of course, our help may be hindered somewhat by our inability to actually run the Mac version).

The Mac source code isn't integrated into the main CVS tree at the moment, so the Mac source and Project Builder files are available as a separate download in the files section of the site. As far as we know, the binary will work on any version of OS X but probably won't work on older versions. The source may well compile on OS 9 with minimal changes, though. Let us know if you have any luck either way.

11 May 2003

As you can see, there's a new version of PSOProxy available. The main fix for Windows users is that it'll work for PAL PSO players without having to mess around with config files. We also now have a Linux version available, so if you're a Linux user then let us know how you get on with this new version.

07 May 2003

We're not dead. Not quite, anyway.

For various reasons, it's been a long time since the last update. Sorry about that. There are a number of things we wanted to do with PSOProxy that we haven't got around to, and I just wanted to cover a couple of the most frequent requests.

First off, the PAL version of PSO. Out of the box, PSOProxy doesn't work with it. However, it can be made to work with a couple of changes to the config files. Check out the forum for details. You'll also want to turn sharpening off when using it with the PAL version as Sonic Team fixed the blurring.

Second of all, Linux and Mac versions. Not much to say here. We still want to do a Linux version, and a Mac version would be nice too. Neither of us have Macs, however, so that would present something of a challenge. If you're a Mac programmer, then the source is all there to download and we'd be glad to point you in the right direction (although right now, there are endian issues and Windows-specific bits that'd make a Mac port tricky).

At the moment, development of PSOProxy has basically halted. Real life (paid) work has got in the way and we've just not had the time to really do anything else to the program. I (James) am also guilty of ignoring a number of emails about it. Again, sorry. We're both full-time programmers, so I'm sure you can understand that when work is heavy the last thing you want to do is more programming in your spare time.

Going forward, we're hoping to get a version that works properly with the PAL version of PSO out pretty soon. After that, it depends on when we get more time. As I say, we do still want to do the Linux port, but right now, I can't say when that will be.

That's about everything. Sorry there's not more news, but I thought I should at least clarify the situation.

02 February 2003

We are pleased to announce that PSOProxy version 0.9 is now available. This version has several changes and new features, as well as being quite heavily updated internally. The proxy server now supports virtual directories and dynamic pages. Amongst other things, this lets us give better feedback to the user when they upload their snapshot images (including showing the image on the Gamecube's screen when it's been transferred).

The image conversion code now features a simple sharpening feature, designed to correct the vertical blurring that PSO applies to the snapshot images. There are two levels of sharpening available, which can be selected in the ini file.

Additionally, this version supports conversion of PSO snapshot files that have been transferred to the PC via means other than the built-in proxy server. Simply drag and drop files onto the PSOProxy window, and it will convert them to PNG files if they're recognised as snapshots.

We are now working towards a 1.0 release, which will also have a Linux version for the first time.

26 January 2003

One problem with the snapshot files produced by PSO is that they tend to be a bit blurred vertically. So, for the next release of PSOProxy, we're including a sharpness option which can automatically sharpen images as they're converted.

To demonstrate, here are a couple of example images. The first is the image as it comes from PSO. The second is the image transfered with the sharpness setting on full in PSOProxy (there is also a less aggressive sharpen filter available):

Normal Image Sharp Image

Another new feature for the next version is that it will be able to convert snapshot files transfered to PC using one of the USB Gamecube memory cards that are now available. So, if you don't have the network setup needed to use PSOProxy currently, this will be another way to get at your snapshot files. There are also a number of internal changes that will let us expand the functionality of PSOProxy in future releases, as well as getting us closer to having a Linux version

The next version of PSOProxy is nearly ready now, and should be available some time next week.

20 January 2003

We now have a small gallery of images on the site, so you can see some examples of the output from PSOProxy. See the panel on the left for a link to the gallery.

11 January 2003

PSOProxy version 0.5 has now been released. This is our second release, and includes several updates over the previous version, including improved error handling and reporting, gamma correction of images that are downloaded from the Gamecube and the first release of the setup guide which gives step-by-step setup instructions for various network configurations.

This new release also includes a source code archive, and a debug version to help us diagnose users' problems.

We have a few new features planned for the next release, but our main efforts at the moment will be to work on improving the portability of the code, with an aim to producing a Linux version of the application within the next few weeks.

PSOProxy ©2003 Adrian O'Grady and James Sutherland.

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